IAR Product Updates
Product:IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm
Release date:February 24, 2014

CMSIS-DAP driver fix

Published March 10, 2014.

This patch corrects EWARM 7.10.1 problems with the CMSIS-DAP debugger driver.

Install EWARM 7.10.3

Published March 28, 2014.

This service pack includes the following:

  • Corrected problems, see the release notes for further details.

  • CMSIS updated to version 4.0
    The CMSIS-BASE run-time system and CMSIS-DSP library.

  • Support for new devices:

    • Atmel

    • Freescale
      MKW21DN512xxx5, MKW21DX128xxx5, SVF321R3K1CKU2, SVF322R3K1CKU2, SVF332R3K1CKU2, SVF521R3MK4, SVF522R2K1CMK4, SVF522R3K1CMK4

    • Spansion
      MB9BF128S, MB9BF128T, MB9BF129S, MB9BF129T, MB9BF328S, MB9BF328T, MB9BF329S, MB9BF329T, MB9BF428S, MB9BF428T, MB9BF429S, MB9BF429T, MB9BF528S, MB9BF528T, MB9BF529S, MB9BF529T, S6E1A11B0AGN2, S6E1A11B0AGP2, S6E1A11C0AGF2, S6E1A11C0AGN2, S6E1A11C0AGV2, S6E1A12B0AGN2, S6E1A12B0AGP2, S6E1A12C0AGF2, S6E1A12C0AGN2, S6E1A12C0AGV2

Install EWARM 7.10.1

Published February 21, 2014.

IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM version 7.10.1